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Why us over all others

The Consulting Company

By Working with us you can be assured of our standing out points ::

  1. Efficient definition of project requirements
  2. Strong project management
  3. Fast and effective communication
  4. Established development process
  5. Competence in latest technologies
  6. Expertise in business logic
  7. Complete quality assurance
  8. Competitive pricing

At Clear Horizons our sure promise to you all is that We:
  • Will foster an inclusive environment that values individual uniqueness
  • Will treat each other with respect and not tolerate harassment
  • Maintain a safe and nonthreatening workplace
  • Handle “inside information” appropriately and lawfully
  • Avoid discussions on confidential information, even with other employees, unless it is necessary for their job performance
  • May not use any information about Clear Horizons or its clients or suppliers for personal gain.
  • Will never corrupt others to make impartial business decisions in the best interests of Clear Horizons
  • Will give personal opinions and not create an impression to be representing or are expressing the views of Clear Horizons as Company spokesmen
  • Will all act like owners of the company
  • Will share our deep experiences to maximize its value
  • Will protect and invest in Clear Horizons' assets and safeguard proprietary information
  • Will use electronic ICT responsibly and professionally
  • Will encourage appropriate participation in political activities
  • Will remain a good corporate citizen and follow consistent global standards
  • Will be fierce but fair competitors
  • Live our global brand
  • Will foster an environment conducive to personal development
  • Will respect divergence of points of view
  • Will ensure our personal relations do not compromise Clear Horizons' objectivity
  • Respect prior employment obligations
  • Build long-term relationships with clients based on value delivered.
  • Commit to what we can deliver and deliver what we commit
  • Value our clients' codes of conduct in this diverse world
  • Purchase goods and services on their merits and expect our clients to follow suit

Download the following documents

Clear Horizons Executive Financial Ethics
Code of Consulting Ethics
Customer Service Charter

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Clear Horizons is above everyone...
Clear Horizons is different, they bring an unparalleled level of quality and professionalism to client projects. They communicate before, during, and after the project. Helped explain, and expand possibilities for me. The time they took was no time at all!.... Wayne Seiler
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Our Executive Financial Ethics
Code of Consulting Ethics
Customer Service Charter

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