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What we do

Corporate Secretarial | Accounting | Tax Consulting | Trusts & Estates
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What we do

Company Secretarial & Administration

We offer our clients a unique and exciting service. To this end we will go the extra mile to delight clients. We do customised, fresh Company registrations and have on offer a number of Shelf Companies for sale.
In this business line of offerings, we also attend to:

• Shelf Companies - Download List
• New Company registration
• New Companies, Trusts, SPVs, Cooperatives, NGOs, Associations,
• Preparation of Annual Returns (Sixth Schedule).
• Changes of Directors and/or Company Secretaries (Forms CR 14) - Download Form
• Increases and Decreases of Share Capital and Allotments.
• Deregistrations and Company Strike Offs.
• Changes of Company Name.
• All Secretarial Work associated with Company Registrations.
• Annual Returns
• Alterations of Share Capital Shelf companies
• Change of address (Form CR 6) - Download Form
• Company de-registrations (strike-offs)
• Company name changes
• Memorandum & Articles of Association’s Amendment
• Procuring certified copies (for lost/misplaced documents)
• Share Allotments (Form CR 2)
• Share transfers and share certificates

All can be discussed in detail by arrangement. Telephone or Email us.

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“Clear Advantage” ® Tax Services

None of us can be wise and ignore the truth that nothing is certain like death and taxes. Individuals and corporate alike have to ascertain their tax affairs are well managed and all income properly declared and handled. To this end, we have our Taxes department offering the following:

• Diagnostic Tax Health Checks in line with Zimra regulations.
• Business Partner & Value Added Tax (VAT) Registrations.
• Submission of all tax returns.
• Account maintenance and Client tax clearances.
• We can advise you on your Tax Liability, Liability Reduction using Tax Avoidance techniques and shields, Negotiating Tax Debt/Liability Settlement payment plans by installments.
• Assist clients stay above board and outrightly compliant.

Taxes applicable in Zimbabwe include:
Income Tax (Individuals and bodies corporate), PAYE, VAT, Informal Traders’ Tax, Customs Duty, Estate Duty, Withholding Tax.

We have expertise in all tax aspects.

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Trusts & General Estate Planning

Estates need to be planned just like all aspects of your lives. Many a time we have had to see descendants to very good fortunes living like paupers just a few years after the death of their parents. It is sad. Upon death, many assets have had to be sold to pay off estate duty, which can be reduced with proper planning and handling.

• Trusts are created to manage certain assets placed under Trustees for stated beneficiaries.
• To some degree, trusts resemble Wills; property is transferred to responsible persons for administration.
• Trusts facilitate perpetual use of the late’s assets by beneficiaries in accordance with their wishes.
• We can advise you regarding Estate Planning and its effects.
• We can formulate customised trusts meeting your personal and individual needs.

We will explain, Trusts, their purposes, what they can do and licence them if need be.

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Accounting Services

When a person dies, there are legal procedures that must be completed before the assets are distributed. This will be done by an Executor of the Estate.

We can attend to the Administration of the Estate if nominated in terms of a Will or appointed by Master of High Court.

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Business Licencing

• Business Premises’ Licencing
• Liquor licencing
• Operators’ Licences
• Shop Licences
• Transport operators’ Permits/Licences
• Zimbabwe Investment Authority licences

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Management Consulting

• Corporate Governance Structures
• Valuations, Mergers & Acquisitions
• Due Diligence
• Project Proposals
• Petroleum Company Licencing
• Cash Flow projections

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