Clear Trusts: Foundations that Last

Founding an organisation with benefactors and trustees is a process that can be achieved by hiring the right people to execute.

Drafting documents and registration of trusts, associations, and civic organisations requires experts like Clear Horizons.

Estates need to be planned just like all aspects of your lives. Many a time we have had to see descendants to very good fortunes living like paupers just a few years after the death of their parents. It is sad. Upon death, many assets have had to be sold to pay off estate duty, which can be reduced with proper planning and handling. 

  • • Trusts are created to manage certain assets placed under Trustees for stated beneficiaries. 
  • • To some degree, trusts resemble Wills; property is transferred to responsible persons for administration. 
  • • Trusts facilitate perpetual use of the late’s assets by beneficiaries in accordance with their wishes.
  • • We can advise you regarding Estate Planning and its effects. 
  • • We can formulate customised trusts meeting your personal and individual needs. 

We will explain, Trusts, their purposes, what they can do and licence them if need be.

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