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Every registered institution, commercial or none, must be tax complaint, past, present and future, to have a clear advantage in their sphere of influence.

Have a clear advantage on all your tax affairs by hiring Clear Horizons to solve all matters arising or pending.

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None of us can be wise and ignore the truth that nothing is certain like death and taxes. Individuals and corporate alike have to ascertain their tax affairs are well managed and all income properly declared and handled. To this end, we have our Taxes department offering the following:

  • Diagnostic Tax Health Checks in line with Zimra regulations.
  • Business Partner & Value Added Tax (VAT) Registrations.
  • Submission of all tax returns.
  • Account maintenance and Client tax clearances.

We can advise you on your Tax Liability, Liability Reduction using Tax Avoidance techniques and shields, Negotiating Tax Debt/Liability Settlement payment plans by installments.

Assist clients stay above board and outrightly compliant.

Taxes applicable in Zimbabwe include:

Income Tax (Individuals and bodies corporate), PAYE, VAT, Informal Traders’ Tax, Customs Duty, Estate Duty, Withholding Tax