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Our Prices

Our Fees

It’s true that our busiest guys are those in billing! Our fees reflect our pole positioning and excellence in delivery. We deliver. Without being perched too high up there, we believe we deliver your money’s worth, doing it once and for all!

"If you think its expensive to hire a professional to do the job,
wait until you hire an amateur."    
- Red Adair

Note: All prices in US Dollars. A 60% Mobilisation Fee is required for all profesional work with
the balance on delivery

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Corporate Services  
Sale of Shelf Company (Basic Legal Papers) 173.00
Shelf Company (Full Package) 254.00
Formation of a new Company (Full Package) 429.00
Company Returns (CR2, CR5, CR6, CR14s etc) 48.00
Annual Returns, per year 39.00
Company Change of Name 402.00
Corporate Secretarial Fees annually 60.00
Corporate Licencing
Business and Premises Licensing Shop/Health/etc 108.00
Liquor Licensing 1,800.00
Investment Proposals ZIA, EMA, Ministry of Finance and relevant Ministry 500.00
Tax Services  
Bank Tax Clearance Certificate 14.00
Tax Clearance (ITF 263) 115.00
Periodic Returns (PAYE, VAT, Income, Withholding Tax) each 10.00
Annual Income/Profit Projections 60.00
NSSA Compliance, monthly 8.00
Standards Levy, periodically 5.00
Business Partner Registration 36.00
VAT Registration 120.00
Annual Income/Profit Projections & QPD allocations 60.00
NGO Consultancy  
Registration of New NGO’s 850.00
Baseline Surveys, M&E, Impact Assessments etc **
Funding Proposals 200.00
Payroll Consultancy  
Software/Programme Purchase per employee incl installation 22.50
Call Out Charges (within 90 days)
Licence Fees, p.a 180.00
Consultation Fee 20.00

How to Buy A Product or Service from Us?
This is the simplest of all things! For example when ordering a Shelf company, new company of your choice or an updated CR 14 (resignation and appointment of directors) what you do is...

What is a Shelf Company?
A ready-made company, shelf company or aged company is a company or corporation that has had no activity. It was created and left with no activity - metaphorically put on the "shelf" to "age". Common reasons for buying a shelf company include...


Clear Horizons is above everyone...
Clear Horizons is different, they bring an unparalleled level of quality and professionalism to client projects. They communicate before, during, and after the project. Helped explain, and expand possibilities for me. The time they took was no time at all!.... Wayne Seiler
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